Elites values its customers and is committed to ensuring the quality and safety of its products.
It is therefore a consumer’s fundamental right to receive all necessary guarantees on the authenticity of the item purchased and that it possesses all of the characteristics associated with said guarantee of authenticity.

Starting from the Fall Winter 2019-2020 season, Elites has adopted a new Brand Protection solution for Elites apparel, which will progressively be extended to all lines, in an effort to protect consumers and Elites from counterfeiting.

Every garment, jewelry and accessoires come with a special identification code: the certification service can be accessed by anyone from a PC, tablet or smartphone in order to verify the authenticity of a product. The immediate and easy-to-use service can be activated both prior to and following the purchase, including products purchased online.

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* You need to have an Authentication Code on your receipt, which is unique for each item you purchase.

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Many people end up giving their credit card information over to suspicious sites, without realizing to be victims of a scam. As a general rule, consumers must always be vigilant in searching a web site before placing an order online, as a way to safeguard and protect themselves and the brand of interest. Counterfeit sellers are present all over the web and unfortunately dominate the search results of major search engines.

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